Absence of political ideology responsible for defections from parties – Jerry Gana

The Chairman, National Steering Committee of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Professor Jerry Gana has attributed the  ongoing mass defection of politicians to different parties  to lack of political ideologies and vision.

Speaking  in an exclusive interview with FirstAfrica News, Gana said when political parties are disorganized and devoid of ideology, cross-carpeting becomes inevitable.

“When you don’t have ideologically oriented political parties, people are not in the party for the idea, they are not there for the core values, they are not there for the principles, they are not committed to something, they are just there for what they can grab and when they cannot grab it, they move somewhere else,” said the SDP National Steering Committee chairman.

He said however, that when a person is in a party that defines his or her political philosophy  he or she will remain in the party no matter the development. “You  are just satisfied. If you don’t win today, you will win tomorrow if you sustain it. So I expect that parties that are just a gang up to capture power, when the power is not distributed well, some of them may go away.”

Gana  said  the SDP is an ideologically based party that is well structured to ensure fair representation of all Nigerians in  the political sphere.

“SDP will grow because it is philosophically deep, ideologically sharpened. In terms of programme,  it is very people-oriented and very active. The SDP is the party of now and the future,” he added.

He said his membership of the SDP was informed by the party’s ideology which defines its political philosophies which are social democracy, service, social justice,  fairness, equity,  people-oriented and coorporation.

“So my politics is for service,  my politics is to make other people more joyful, prosperous and to transform the country.

While assuring the SDP will take Nigerians to the promise land come 2019, the SDP National Steering Committee chairman said  the party’s manifesto  which contains  12 key programmes, addresses vital aspects of Nigerians’ life, economy and  its destiny “so I know SDP is going to be deeply loved and people are going to see SDP has what it takes to resolve the problems of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

According to him, the SDP is  youth  and women oriented and  being driven by the energy of the youth, the commitment and loyalty of women as well as the wisdom of very experienced leaders like the party chairman, Chief Olu Falae, Prof. Nebo, former Minister of Power, himself among others.

He said the party has presence not only at the state or local government, or ward,  but at both voting level, the polling units, “so the SDP is very powerfully organized.”

Reacting to President Muhammadu Buhari’s signing of the ‘Not Too Young to Rule bill’ into law, Gana described it as a good development along the direction of the SDP’s ideology. He said the younger generation should not be pushed away but allowed to bring their energy and tenacity to bear in governance of the country.

“When there is a partnership between the older and younger generation with the wisdom, experience, integrity and energy, power and tenacity of the youth, Nigeria can achieve much. You don’t throw away the elders or ignore the youth. You combine maturity with energy then you have vitality,” Gana said.

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