Nigerian youths purchase SDP Presidential Nomination Form for Prof. Hagher

A youth group, Coalition of Nigerian Youths(CNY), friends and family have purchased the Social Democratic Party(SDP) Presidential Nomination Form  for Ambassador Iyorwuese Hagher, who earlier expressed the interest to run for President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in July.

Presenting the nomination form to the presidential aspirant on Tuesday at the National Secretariat of the SDP in Abuja, President of the group, Comrade Clement Collins Ayankpa said the gesture was a unanimous decision of the group who had earlier endorse Hagher as the “best candidate.”

“We have reviewed all the other aspirants and have come to the conclusion that Ambasador Hagher remains the best presidential candidate for Nigeria.

“We called him to return from the USA to return and rescued us from herdsmen killings,” he said.

He expressed disappointment over the high cost of nomination forms being charged by political parties, saying, it a deliberate attempt by the money –bags in power to frustrate genuine Nigerians from contesting election in the country.

Ayankpa said the group is determined to ensure that only candidates with the best interest of Nigerians emerges in 2019.

While responding to the gesture,  Ambasador Hagher said he was overwhelmed by the privilege accorded to him  to him by Nigerians to take the great responsibility of leading the country.

The presidential aspirant who also lambasted the political class in the country for subverting the will of Nigerians.

“This form is the first shot we have taken at the wickedly expensive system of politics in Nigeria which is skewed against the poor and until today and now, been preserved exclusively for the very rich 5% of the population,” he said.

Hagher assured Nigerians that he would make the country great again if elected as the President.


The Presidential aspirant said he is in the race because he believe Nigerians are tired of the old politics practiced by old politicians and their young recruits that is based on rigging, vote buying, ballots snatching and thugs.


“I professor have offered myself to make Nigeria a great nation. I offer myself to lead a peaceful revolution against those parading themselves with lies and money to buy your votes.  I am not one of them,” he added.


He said as an intellectual and activist against injustice, he has resisted these enemies of Nigeria who have ruined Nigeria’s democracy by playing politics with people’s lives.


The former Nigeria’s Ambassador to Canada further noted that: “Politics has pitched us against each other. It has cheapened us and mocked our poverty by buying our votes so that the corrupt politicians can openly steal from our treasuries without any consequences.”


According to him, his presidency will put Nigeria first and will banish tribalism.


On security,  he promised to make all Nigerians safe and guarantee the security of lives and property.


“I will win the war against terrorists and bandits through the most modern methods by winning the hearts and minds of the citizens in combat zones.


“My agenda to make Nigeria great will be built on the foundation of the Nigerian youth, which is our most important asset.  l will train and retrain our youth to be employable at levels consistent with the needs of a rapidly evolving global economy.


“I will give them adequate knowledge and experience as part of my government, which will be youth based and I will gender mainstream by giving 18 ministers to women and 18 male ministers. Equality will always remain my watchword,” the professor said.


He promised to arrest economic decline by sanitizing the finance sector, which is nothing but “a comprehensive crime scene.”


On education, the presidential hopeful, promised to rapidly expand the best qualitative education for all citizens.


“I will devolve the ministry of education’s budget and activities to the states and ensure that the annual budget for education is not less than 26%,” he said.



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